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We believe that everyone deserves to experience healthy relationships, but that they don't always know what they look like. We are passionate about helping people figure out who they are, where they’re headed, and how to pursue positive relationships!

Our goal? Helping students to build and maintain healthy relationships now, and prepare them for fulfilling lives in the future. Our classes are fun, engaging, and challenging for students (though we have had teachers enjoy them, too)! Because our material can apply to
all kinds of relationships (romantic relationships, friendships, parental relationships, mentorships, etc.), there is something for every student to learn regardless of their current relationship status or desired romantic future. Everyone can benefit from an HRT presentation!



Healthy Relationships Today is the community education component of Promise of Life Network. We believe that healthy relationships are essential for life successes. Each year, our staff speaks to over 1,000 students in the Western PA area about healthy relationships
and sexual integrity.


Our program encourages honest discussion about how sex affects all aspects of a student’s
life. Some key topics of discussion include goal setting, self-actualization, foundations of
healthy relationships, setting boundaries, and much more! Using the nationally-acclaimed
CPR (Creating Positive Relationships) curriculum, our educators engage your students in
age-appropriate activities, demonstrations, and discussions to help foster understanding of
healthy relationships. Walking students step-by-step through friendships, dating, and
preparing for the future (including marriage), we hope to teach students the importance of
taking the time to develop these relationships well.

Healthy Relationships Today benefits all students, of all sexual orientations, whether they
have started being sexually active or not. We recognize that each student has worth, and
hope to help them affirm that with healthy relationships.

Thank you for your interest in one of the most critical decisions your students will make
while in your classroom. We look forward to partnering with you to help them explore,
enable and encourage them to experience healthy relationships.

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